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PostPosted: Thu Sep 20, 2018 1:20 pm    Post subject: Ancient Evil 2: Guardian Of The Underworld Full Movie Hd Dow

Ancient Evil 2: Guardian Of The Underworld Full Movie Hd Download

Five jaded young friends foolishly dabble in the dark arts and unleash Anubis, the Egyptian God of the dead, on an unsuspecting New England island. As the body count rises, the survivors must figure out a way to defeat the powerful creature as they fight not only for their lives, but for their very souls.
I caught this little honey on DVD last night, at three AM, working third shift in the basement of the hospital...the perfect place, in other words, to check out fast-and-dirty, balls-out, low-budget, whacked-out horror feast.

This is the first movie I've seen by whoever D.W. Kann is, but it's not gonna be the last. Kann & Co. drive ANUBIS like a kid's first car, a five-speed deathtrap built out of dynamite and chicken wire. It's got cracked headlights, fenders falling off, and the windshield wipers flipping in every direction -- but it's also painted day-glo red, the Spark-o-Matic's cranked to eleven and there's enough firepower in the trunk to send the whole enterprise halfway to Pluto. And although there are moments when you think whoever's in charge of this thing must be high on glue or steering with their feet, the responsible parties rocket the action forward with the dead-on instincts and passion of somebody who's watched a ton of movies, loves 'em with all their heart and knows what works and what doesn't. Mix it all together with the screwball comedic elements that had me snuffing up my Coke Zero more than once, and you've got raw, uncooked brilliance.

In DANSE MACABRE, Stephen King talks about how true horror fans ought to be patient when it comes to the breed of movies they love -- or moments they love in movies that might not be altogether successful. Is ANUBIS perfect? Not by any stretch of the imagination. Is there enough octane here to get your rocks off for an hour and a half? Abso-freakin'-lutely.
It says 4 persons of first 10 voters actually voted for 10/10, unbelievable! It's like those Korean voters, always voted Korean movies the top scores in IMDb, no matter how bad the show it was --- same crap they did in last world cup (soccer). Here is an idea, never trust the IMDb voting score, if the show is Korean.

On the top of this cheating in vote, the whole show is lousy, it could reach no more than 3/10 amongst most of the audience. So, to bring back the balance, I did as what the other did, voted 1/10 only.

Another thing, the plot says the kids unleashed the ancient Egyptian God Anubis in New England, this is the same lousy idea like that one in Constaintine --- a bum discovered the Spear of Destiny in Mexico. Oh, my, why all these Relic of the old continent (Mideast and Africa) all had traveled to Amercia? for the convenience of lousy Hollywod screenplay? or is that because of the fact that the America is the really damned soil, deserving all the evil in the world residing on it?


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